Face Behind Gas Grills Cage | How the Journey Started

Gas Grills Cage is a website created by Jelina Roy, a BBQ Lover. Jelina has worked with a number of BBQ brands, so with her knowledge, she started this website to help people choose the right grills as well as learn how to grill.

Jelina Roy

In the beginning, Jelina just wanted to share some guides, tips & recipes in her part-time, but after getting a good response from readers, she started working full time, and soon she set up an office, where a full team sits and reviews various grills and smokers.

Dedicated To Honesty

Currently, Gas Grills Cage is one of the best places to get BBQ reviews & buying guides as Jelina Roy leads the team that reviews each product before compiling a list to make sure things are unbiased and honest. Jelina tries to keep things as transparent as possible & the team helps her fulfill that goal.

AT Present, GGC is covering Gas Grills & Smokers from various top-notch brands

Future of Gas Grills Cage

The whole team behind Gas Grills Cage is dedicated to make it the best place to read unbiased reviews & guides. They make sure BBQ lovers get updated lists with trending products, but in case you think Gas Grills Cage lack somewhere or you find some information missing on this website, you can contact us via the contact page.